Slim Dusty Centre | Raffle
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Prize: Featuring beautiful, rich, red Nulla Cedar – timber from a 300 year old tree that was growing on the banks of Nulla Creek at “Homewood”- Slim’s boyhood home, the tree now lives on in a unique range of furniture known as “The Nulla Collection”. Increasingly valuable as the supply of this heritage tree diminishes, you may become the proud owner of a coach style mantel clock, handcrafted by Mr Brian Irvine, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity framed in the Nulla red cedar, bearing a “Nulla Collection” serial number and signed by members of the Slim Dusty family.

Tickets: $5 each or three for $10

Drawn at the Slim Dusty Centre on Australia Day, 26th January 2018

Call 1800 18 7546 or drop in to buy your tickets

Proceeds to the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey, NSW